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Building Bridges Veterans Initiative

Uniting Food, Friends, and Veterans

Hosting veteran communities of mutual support, camaraderie and gratitude around complimentary meals sites across New England

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Our Mission

The Building Bridges Veterans initiative is an expanding movement whose mission is to address veteran social isolation, depression, Post-Traumatic Stress and suicide risk that so often accompany military service. Seeking ways to genuinely thank veterans for their service, Building Bridges creates veteran communities around a weekly or monthly meal, resulting in an organic development of peer support and mutual healing. 

Among the most misunderstood segments of American society, military veterans have tragically been marginalized from the very homeland they risked their lives to protect. 

Your involvement in the movement—by financial contribution, by volunteering at one of the meal sites, or simply by informing a veteran you know about a nearby community—has already meant the world to the more than 1,500 veterans who participate.

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